Keepers of the Future

Sonntag, 11. November, 18:00
Forum Stadtpark | Graz

Die AUGE Stmk Co-präsentiert die Europapremiere des Dokumentarfilms „Keepers of the Future“ von Avi Lewis.

In a fertile floodplain in El Salvador, where the great river meets the sea, a peasant movement puts down roots – growing resilience in the scorched earth of exile and war. But soon these farmers and fishing folk discover new challenges, and this time they are global: the climate crisis and an economy of ruinous extraction. The solutions they come up with will be a revelation for audiences in the prosperous north. On the surface, the life of these campesinos may resemble the past, but in their model may lie the key to the future.

mit dem executive producer Karolo Aparicio (via videostream)

Link zur Webseite des Filmprojekts

Link zur Webseite von Crossroads 2018 – Festival für Dokumentarfilm und Diskurs

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